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Review of the AVP


As seen in the previous chapter, the AVP is a tool that provides us with the mean to study the dynamics of the Universe on quite large scales, e.g. on scales of groups of galaxies. Since the introduction of the principle into cosmology by P-89, the method has proved to be an elegant and efficient method in the study of several aspects of both the evolution of and the current state of our immediate neighbourhood in the Universe. This chapter will be devoted to the different applications and different implementations of the AVP presented in literature during the last decade, thereby also serving as a short review of the development of the method. In Section 6.1, a presentation of the different areas of application of the AVP will be given, while Section 6.2 will deal with the different ways of implementing the method, both numerically and mathematically.

Trond Hjorteland
Mon Jul 5 02:59:28 MET DST 1999