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Input Files

  The AVP-code reads input data from two seperate files, one containing the settings and the other the mass tracer data. The former look like this:

(The numbers at the start of the lines are not included in the input file.) Each record contains the following information:

  1. Number of particles
  2. Number of time steps in the integration; number of trial functions; termination value tex2html_wrap_inline5717 ; startvalue of the coeffecients.
  3. The Hubble parameter h; the cosmological constant in units of tex2html_wrap_inline6856 ; the cutoff in percent of the tex2html_wrap_inline5629 ; the mass off M31 in tex2html_wrap_inline6860 .
  4. Redshift z; number of time steps in the plotting of the orbits.
  5. Restart if 1, new run if 0; using the tex2html_wrap_inline6864 trial functions if 0, Bernoulli if 1.

The input file containing the mass tracer data is as follows (for the 22 galaxy case):

The first column is the scaled mass, the second and third are the celestial coordinates, and the third is the distance in Mpc. The last two columns are not read by the program--they are only used to ease the readability of the input file.

Trond Hjorteland
Mon Jul 5 02:59:28 MET DST 1999